For Your Eyes Only

The sky is not the limit
Beyond the clouds, the moon, the stars, planets orbiting around the sun in a galaxy out in space
The solar system will lead you to Heaven’s gate that’s where St. Peter will welcome you with open arms I wish I could stretch mine out to give you a hug
In all emotions we connect
We know how it feels to be kissing a fool
Two hearts united as one it is basic law of nature our obligation is captured in
The Bible, the holy book
To get you through life
She helped me throw out drugs called depression and anxiety

Mayberry Park

You never even gave me a chance to explain myself
hear my side of the story
Do not listen to what people say
the paper prints false news
What am I going to do without you if I were seen in public singing blues
Frank Sinatra, I am done with all the drama, let’s move forward
Love is dead, if it is alive I never saw it coming, I saw it going
My parents failed to set an example of what a perfect couple should be
Their marriage was more of a plaything than a holy matrimony
All was good, we held one another like an Italian family, pretending to be The Corleones’
Watched The Godfather trilogy back to back, I think of you when I reminisce childhood memories
Heated conversations in the bedroom, fights broke out, we were too young to understand
What is blood doing on the wall, leather belt in his hand
why is mommy defending you, staying for the sake of us
All I hear is golf course gossip, taught us to always tell the truth yes it hurts worse than period pains
My father used my mother’s face as a punching bag, cheated on her with a woman half his age, distasteful, turned a stripper to into a wife

Collaborate in a song I wrote just in case one day I become famous, left Alberton behind me
Let my legs loose on the dance floor, blouse slightly open, let Dolce and Gabbana get fresh air
You still the one I pray for, God sent me an angel, a miracle, at least give me some sort of sign
Please do not ignore my request, as I kneel down before you in grief, cannot breathe alone
The other side is not always green, wish somebody would have told me so, you give me oxygen
Got a strange feeling I might die alone on my own, in this cold and cruel world
Tell me something have you ever read The Crucible, my sanity draws inspiration from Salem


For those who do not know my name it is written on the first page
My childhood did not mean much to me, I was always an introvert, spoke when spoken too
Bottled up all my emotions inside, I have a hard time showing sympathy
Lack empathy, trust issues is all I know
Built walls up so high, no one can climb over to save me
Surrounded by boys, played with no dolls, a gun is a real toy
Poetry brought joy, held a pen with no ink and got deep into thought
In my own tears I drown, the day she walked out of my life
Dedication for the dedicated, my dearly departed
I was raised in Alberton a white dominated area, haven’t experienced any sort of racism in any form
Taught myself not to see colour only beauty on the inside

There is not much to do but to talk and listen, women are devious and men are in competition
Can’t barely speak, write and read in my own language at that time the effect was not serious
Here is my story invade the mind of a Writer’s Block
Had many raining men pouring down on me, the choosen one is you
Does a wandering eye always mean a wondering heart, lies told by a forbidden fruit
What do you know about poverty, going to bed and waking up on an empty stomach
Dirty laundry overloaded inside a basket, washed clothes with Sunlight liquid soap
Treated for depression and anxiety, not wanted by certain family members, going through hell and back
I’m almost done with the rest of my story I pray it makes it into history books
My aim is to get you horny as you read through the pages written by a Sagittarius

The Goodbye Theme

I am not searching for a soul mate somebody to understand my feelings and interests. Growing up my true desire was to write. Write about old memories as I look back at photo albums of my childhood years, an extinct life I had to let go of for my own sanity. Today I laid on my stomach with both feet up in the air swinging in opposite direction, see how colourful my socks are. Filled with so much meaning that is how my emotion choose to express itself it had nothing to do with me. What does it mean, am I making any sense at all.

In the morning I wake up with a smile
At night I cry myself to sleep with a broken heart it does not wish we were together again
You recieved and profited
I donated and lost out in the end
How did I go from listening to Toni Braxton on repeat on high rotation
Sang “I love me some him
How could an angel break my heart”
To my past relationships I have welcomed defeat with open arms I must say goodbye
Farewell to creme de la creme
You said you will always be there for me
You promised you would come back to me
You said all I desire is a fairytale ending
It is a sad reality to have flashbacks
Because all my eyes do is drop a liquid
I crawl up in a corner in despair to cry
And cry, wipe my tears away, start again
To be in love all by yourself is not fun
It is my fault I let tears rain on me
And pour, this vodka tastes like I’ll be drunk texting you
dealing with unresolved conflicts with myself
Why do we always go back to people who aren’t good for us

Letter 2 My Unborn Child

We step into a room we are all people see
All eyes on me, all eyes on his African Queen
a good woman beside him to enhance the throne
no trophy wife
we live a trophy life, everything paid for
we’re Super bowl champions with expensive taste
Butterflies in my stomach won’t stop flapping their wings
you’re my one and only
your guarded heart came crambling down like the Berlin wall
He’s the light I’m on cloud nine, see how I levitate when you come around to visit
no make up on, Mac stains left on your sweater
Roll up the joint, pass me the weed
we are high on that Bob Marley
Run, Forrest, Run
The world knows you wouldn’t hurt a fly, you’re my favourite movie
a classic case
It’s all coming together it’s starting to make sense
our star signs are compatible to one another

I’m this letter to you to let the world know how happy I am to carry you inside of me. I dedicate my entire devotion to you I wrote this piece above for your father to read it’s a dedication to him.
Before you my sweet angel, my precious child I wasn’t ready to be a mother both externally and internally. A lot was going on my career won first prize. What kind of a mother I’m going to be to you. A good one I hope. You are going to be showered with so much affection and attention. This I promise you. Unconditional love. Unconditional love means my strong feelings for you as your parent has no limit. I will support you no matter what. Through thick and thin I’m going to hold onto you with a firm grip. I will always be emotionally available wherever I can, things tend to take a turn left, it’s life. Adulthood is not easy sometimes you will find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. That does not make you a bad person it’s part of growth.

I haven’t even met your father yet. He must be somewhere in this world waiting for me. As I’m patiently waiting for him. The Rugrats are my younger twin brothers, your uncles. I call them ‘Rugrats’ because they are my ride or die, they’ve stood up for me many times when I got into trouble as a teenager. I appreciate them. As my first born it is your duty to take care of your younger siblings. To guide, protect and to help them with their homework. I’ve written down countless names to give to you. Messiah comes to mind, you are my saviour if I wasn’t chosen to be your mother I would’ve been a lost soul. You have saved my life in many ways a person can be saved. Spiritually and emotionally.

Make Me Proud

My uncle was an alcoholic he put the bottle down
And got his life together
Time wasted on the rode with pockets full of treasure
eye colour turned into an eclipse, hoes creep in the night from behind
He is the cream of the crop
In the book of history his name will remain in many pages to come
He’s got great strenght like Shaka Zulu I’ve always known you’d get through this
He broke his mother’s heart with foolish acts
her dry eyes wouldn’t let a tear drop
From a mile away you can smell malt
It’s not a little too late to start over
AA meetings brought him back to life
You made me proud

Share My Deepest Thoughts

I’ve got a headache that doesn’t want to go away, I took a prescription pill after breakfast just to clear my head so I can think straight.
I tend to overthink and over analyze situations. Another cup of coffee is all need in this heat to calm me down as I switch the fan on to cool off. Then I started writting this poem about what’s in my head

Writing poetry is therapeutic I write what I like at any given time
Get lost in another galaxy I’m out there
As the sunsets I rise like the North star
From dusk til dawn at the end of the day
I’ll reflect like a diamond
My words manifest in each letter I wrote I pray to a God I believe in
He coexist with me
He dine with a Queen in spirit
Let this cup of water turned into wine emancipate

Like music I’m in tune with my career
Like glue let’s stay together
Like tempo can you hear the sounds of shoes I’m wearing
as I tap on the concrete
Like rain falling from the sky on a Sunday morning listening to Maroon 5
same title song the stream of my own words are therapeutic
I aspire to inspire myself
As the sunrises I fall like a superstar fallen from grace
no name mentioned
Smile with joy if failure keeps getting in the way of your happiness
Take pride in rejection it’s not permanent
it’s only a fledgling phase

Mental breakdown
Sharing your fears with a therapist it’s therapeutic

Pap ‘N Wors

Attention, attention this calls for a celebration
it’s a fiesta
Playing TKZEE family in the background
boom box speakers outside, fill up the table ka Hunter’s
Belgravia Gin ‘n tonic ke stuff saka
Fill up my paper cup with custard and jelly
where’s my plastic spoon at?
Make the circle bigger
turn around let that body drop to the floor
do the twirl, jika to a beat, praat dat tsotsi taal
Monate repolaye for once and for all
Finish and klaar
You know it’s a family gathering if somebody’s name is Mable
Pinky or Rose
Beetroot, potato salad, sweet ‘n sour, chakalaka, green salad, coleslaw
Steam bread, tribe, chicken, beef, steak, and pap’n wors
Straight with the weed
tanqueray, no dash
There will always be that one nosey aunt who hides away the alcohol
the only key inside her sweaty breasts

I’m looking for some advice that will let me light up again
I’m done listening to jealousy talks in between eating snacks
No smoking weed in the house
Leave the keys for the couch potato to hold onto to

God answered all my prayers
raindrops fell from heaven and cleared my burdens
Wrote a couple of letters to express my feelings I hope you got them found comfort in my distress
these words are hand written
graffiti every detail down for you to read
did your heart compress them
I can’t stress it enough
It’s just a question that needs an answer
You are Aaliyah, One in a million to me
Didn’t mean not to leave you a plate of pap ‘n wors and green salad on the side
I’ll make it up to you with a bottle of Hennessy, secretly it’s Neapolitan ice-cream you’re down for


I don’t have a domesticated life
Beverly Hills estate to make me smile without a doubt
Landscaper and housekeepers around to cradle to my every desire
The water is blue as clear as my vision board on the wall
Sweet paradise
Sunset Boulevard

Real love that’s what you want more than name brands you can’t pronounce
Snorting cocaine for breakfast
Fake friends want to see you six feet under
There is nothing a white line can’t fix
So what’s changed since they left you in debt
Where are they today?

You don’t have to go through what you’re going through
We’ve all been there once too many times
It’s not easy to walk away from sugar free drinks
satellite dish, flat screen TV to view
Sweet paradise
Sunset Boulevard

Letter 2 My Future Spouse

I miss you today like I did yesterday
I missed you yesterday like I do today
It’s the little things you do that turned my world upside down than rightup again
You listen to my troubles without any judgement
Everytime we make love heaven’s gate opens and angels preach
You’ve already seen me at my worst I’ve got nothing to hide
You’ve already seen me without my wig on
You were the missing piece to my puzzle
My board is now complete
You’re all I see
You’re always on my mind
Our love is divine
From the depths of my soul and beyond your true identity remains a mystery

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